Ticket Sales in 2 Weeks

What did we do?

We implemented a Facebook advertising campaign utilising both retargeting as well as highly-specific targeting of River Cottage’s key customer audience groups.

Our retargeting campaigns were refined further through interest segmentation to maximise relevancy. Throughout the campaign, we needed to act quickly in order to test and identify the most effective approach and maximise results in a short time.

Return on Ad Spend

How did it go?

Because our campaign targeting was highly focussed, and ad creatives extremely relevant to each audience group, we were able to cut CPA by 75% and increase ROAS by 57% while increasing ticket sales in the final weeks.

What the client had to say

River Cottage appointed Aquamarine to work with us for a campaign on one of our events and we were very impressed. They delivered a great campaign under a tight schedule and were very responsive and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Gemma Rodway, Marketing Manager at River Cottage.