Leads Generated

What did we do?

To generate the best return on investment we implemented very granular groups of keywords for their PPC campaigns. Our team came up with highly relevant ads to entice conversions and keep costs low.

ROI per Click

How did it go?

Our PPC campaigns for Air Marketing generated a total of over 227 leads over 12 months. These leads have produced a Return of Investment of £10 for every £1 spent. Lifetime sales value will be significantly higher for Air who form long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Our expertise means Air Marketing are getting huge value for money on their ad spend.

Owen Richards

What the client had to say

Aquamarine have been an instrumental catalyst for our business getting off the ground and growing as it has done over the first 12 months in the UK. Over the last 12 months, around a third of our new clients have found us through our PPC campaigns, which have been managed by Alona and her team since day one. Even if you only account for initial sales value, we’ve seen close to 10 x return on our investment across the year.

Owen Richards, MD at Air Marketing