Get to know us before we get to know you.

Alona Kemmett

Managing Director

What does your dream client look like?

People who do business for the right reasons and that trust us to do our jobs well.

Why do your clients love you?

I’m very honest with clients and will always go beyond what is expected to get them results.


Geoff Atkins

Head of Search

What would your superpower be?

To strike fear in computers. Having a computer suddenly snap out of it and start working properly just because I growled at it would be so helpful.

What does your dream client look like?

More than anything, it's nice to have a client who takes an active interest in their website.


Emma Seery

Head of Social & Content

What would your superpower be?

Absolute Creativity! Having access to limitless imagination and creative ideas. Might make falling to sleep at night a bit tricky, though.

What does your dream client look like?

Any client who is friendly, understands the importance of digital marketing and is open to trying new things. If they like to send free products sometimes too, well, that's also pretty dreamy.


Mathilda Martinsson

Senior PPC Account Executive

What would you put into Room 101?

Coriander - love Mexican food, HATE coriander. It's a struggle.

Where would your dream holiday be?

I want it all! A warm place with a nice white beach and refreshing drinks, as well as a city with a good night out and some history!


Victoria Heelis

Senior PPC Account Executive

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Binge watching Netflix series – 10 episodes at a time.

What does your dream client look like? 

Due to my background as a makeup artist, I would love a cosmetics company.