Introducing: Geoff and Emma!

Our team is the most important thing here at Aquamarine. Without them, we'd literally be nothing. So how could we not introduce you to the newest two members of the team? Geoff joined us as a PPC Account Manager, and Emma as a Social Media and Content Executive and we've managed to pry them away from client work long enough to get some words on paper for you. Get to know them a bit better and what makes them tick - and don't forget to say hi afterwards!

So, without further ado, let's hand over to the newbies...


I’ve worked in web marketing and design for two decades now, back to before it was actually called web marketing.  In that time I’ve worn many hats, from the very technical side in development and systems administration, analytics and traffic analysis, through SEO and PPC, all the way to the fluffiest elements of the UX and design side.  For the last few years, my focus has definitely grounded itself in the business-oriented aspects of the industry.  The nitty-gritty of getting potential customers into a website and then convincing them to part with their hard-earned cash.

At Aquamarine, I’m looking forward to being able to focus all of my efforts into PPC.  Although I’ve enjoyed switching between various roles in the past, it can be stressful.  Being able to concentrate my efforts on just PPC will be welcome, and PPC is a large enough field that I’ll still enjoy plenty of variety in my work, especially when you consider our clients.  Just six weeks in and that’s been exactly how it is.  The work is challenging enough, even with all my experience, but it’s great when you can speak with a client and know that you’ve done an amazing job for them.

Of course, I can’t just forget all I’ve learned from the other fields I’ve worked in.  While I won’t be involved in them directly anymore, my understanding of all the different aspects of selling products and services on the internet gives me an edge in getting PPC to work at its utmost.  I certainly plan to use my wealth of experience to give Aquamarine’s customers a service they’re not going to get anywhere else.

The best thing about working here at Aquamarine is the team. The atmosphere in the office is always that perfect blend of friendly, good-humoured, and professional.


I’m just about sailing into my first complete month with Aquamarine Media, and the horizon is looking pretty good. As the team’s new Social Media and Content Executive, there’s already been a whole lot of content strategy, a dash of our client’s eco-friendly Skinny Prosecco and a dose of Women In Business excellence.

I come bearing social in one hand, content in the other - and love seeing the two come together for clients in a brand-meets-KPI bonanza. I've previously worked in different sectors across the digital world, from

retail and product marketing to private healthcare, arts and culture venues to an international education NGO. I've learnt that for every company, regardless of sector, competition is fierce. Agencies need to think laterally, strategically, outside the box – with a solid foundation of tried and tested methods. Exactly how Aquamarine roll.

Writing is to me what dancing is to Ralph Fiennes circa 2015 (see what I mean here.) In fact, that’s exactly what I first told Alona, Managing Director here at Aquamarine. I don't usually start my conversations with a splash of Emotional Rescue. But I’d just swam through Aquamarine Media's Instagram and it seemed to me that they were a pretty fun, quirky, creative kind of agency.

Just my cup of tea (or rather, coffee).

One of my digital marketing house rules is: Have fun, be bold and dance if you need to - all in the name of creativity. Here’s a Skinny Prosecco Cheers to that.