Aquamarine Go Exhibiting!

For those of you who we didn’t catch at either event, we’ve spent the last two weeks getting out and about and chatting to the South West business community. And great fun it was too!

Plymouth BusinessEXpo Now

On the 8th of March we exhibited at BusinessEXpo now in Plymouth. Held at Borringdon Park Golf Club, just outside the city, it was a great chance to engage with the Plymouth business community.

It was fantastic to see so many small businesses exhibiting and attending, and really showed the strength of business in the South West. Something we feel incredibly passionate about and incredibly proud of!

One of the exhibitors was even kind enough to trust our very own Scott with sharp objects! (Kidding, the arrows were blunt!)

The South West Business Expo 2018

The following week we were busy again – this time at the South West Business Expo at Westpoint, just outside Exeter.  This was a slightly large affair with over 260 exhibitors and a full seminar programme running throughout the day.

Alona, our MD, delivered her very own seminar in the Natwest Digital Theatre. Alona talked to delegates about Social Media and Content Marketing and why quality over quantity is key. There were some great insights for the attendees, including making sure you understand where your audience is, and always remembering monitor everything you put out – Measure, Test, Learn and Adjust. Content and social media can be incredibly powerful – but to be properly effective they need to be constantly tested and refined.

Once again it was fantastic to see the strength of business in the South West and to catch up with so many familiar faces. The friendly nature and openness of the local business community really is something special – and shows like this highlight it perfectly.

Alona set up and ready to go for her seminar on Content and Social Media Marketing.

The South West Business Community

We’re incredibly proud of our South West roots – having started in Teignmouth, and now based on the Quay in Exeter. The business community is thriving locally - there are so many great opportunities to get involved with and so many great people to collaborate with.

Shows and expos like those we have attended recently really drive home to us how important it is to take an active role in your community – and demonstrate the value in doing so.

If you’d like more advice about Social Media and Content Marketing, you can find out more about our services here. Alternatively, if you’d like a copy of Alona’s slides or to get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.