Google vs Bing – Which One To Choose?

The rivalry between Google and Bing runs deep. Forget your everyday search engine preference, in PPC they both have their own great benefits which should be taken into consideration!


Google has been seen as the go-to, being a huge player in the search engine with a market share of 83.49% in the UK. So, it's no surprise that Google AdWords is one of the largest advertising products in the world.

The benefits of using this platform are that there is potential to receive lots of traffic and impressions as Google is used so universally, it has the widest global reach out of the two search engines. You only pay when people click on your ad, which appears at the top above search results. Another great thing is that you can get instant reports that show how well the ads are performing.

If you are promoting a multi-channel campaign, AdWords is very versatile as you can also use it for display ads (text and banner ads), video ads on YouTube, and app ads, as well as the traditional search ads.

The demographic that uses Google the most is the 18 - 44 age group, who are often university educated, white-collar, tech-savvy and Facebook users. If your campaign is aimed at this group it makes sense to advertise here!


People love to hate Bing. But Why?

For small and medium-sized companies Bing Ads is a great choice as there is less competition compared to Google. This comes with a great benefit as less competition equals a lower CPC rate. The CPC rate can be up to 70% lower than a Google ad!

Alternatively, you can use Bing to further expand your market if you are already using AdWords, which is useful if you want to target a wide audience. This is made easier by being able to import AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads, saving the hassle of having to input the same information all over again!

Something that is unique to this platform is that you can assign different campaigns to different time zones, which is useful if you are running an international campaign.

Bing Ads also allows you to quickly adjust a setting for a specific ad group without having to go and create another campaign to make the change.

Another thing that sets Bing apart is that you can control which gender and age demographics can see your search ads. Research by further has found that the US, UK, and Canada have the most Bing users, with 85% of users being in the US. Mature users (aged 55 – 65+) are also more likely to use this search engine.

Who Wins?

The truth is, both search engines have advantages that are useful for different things, it all depends on what you want to get from your campaign. Bing Ads is recommended if you have a small budget, targeting older audiences, or are running a PPC campaign in a competitive industry. Google AdWords is the best for big budgets, ads with large images, and reaching broad audiences.

However, the use of both search engines together can fill in the gaps of each platform and reach potential customers who might not have heard about your product/service otherwise!

If you want to debate this, or you're unsure of which option is best for you, give us a call to have a chat!