Social strategy targeting

So why leave Social Media to the whims of chance?

At Aquamarine, we help businesses take chance into their own hands and get the results they want.

This means developing a bespoke, long-term growth plan that:

  1. is driven by your business model, sales funnels, KPIs and customers
  2. fits into and strengthens your wider marketing strategies
  3. leverages the core sales’ principles of getting people to buy from you.

Social strategy cogs

Plan for success

With a strategy in place, we can determine exactly which social platforms will work best for your business goals and how to excite your customers there.

Whoever you want to sell to, well, there’s a space for that. Whether it’s Instagram-loving Millennials, buyers seeking business opportunities on LinkedIn or mums looking for family-friendly events on Facebook.


So, forget chance.

Instead, start targeting the right people, in the right place, at the right time – and launch a buyer’s journey that boost your bottom line time and time again.