Ad Spend reduced by

What did we do?

We implemented a full account restructure to make sure their campaigns were up to scratch. We created highly relevant keyword groups and adverts to ensure Columbus hit their targets.

Increase in ROI

How did it go?

Our account restructure saved Columbus 18% in ad spend and lead to a staggering 49% increase in revenue. Because our campaigns were highly focused we also increased the Return on Investment from £2.21 to £4.02.

What the client had to say

Yes, I recommend Aquamarine!

Why? Simple, they have increased my revenue, reduced spend and I improved my profit.
What they have done? I think, they understand my needs properly, by analysing my PPC situation and all the other channels connected to my business. They took all the strong points from other channels and optimised them into a PPC strategy.

It has been a complete success, because I have grown massively in terms of brand, audience and sales; plus, I have developed a stronger loyalty in my clients

Tony Pirozzi, Head of Marketing for Columbus Italy.