Why We Offer SEO Now

Unless you’re one of Google’s spiders, you may have missed that we’ve updated our website to include some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) offerings now. New Year, New Us and all that.

Like most companies, as we’ve grown, we’ve had to evolve what we offer our clients. And this is all this is, we’re simply adding another string to our bow in terms of what we can do. Whilst it may not seem like such a drastic sea change for a digital agency to begin offering SEO services, we thought it deserved at least some sort of explanation, and besides, now we get to tell you all about how we can help!

New SEO Offerings


To begin with

As a specialist PPC agency, we’re regularly dealing with the inner workings of our clients’ websites. For our PPC campaigns to deliver as well as we know they can, it helps to make sure that the landing pages we’re directing traffic to, as well as the site in general, are up to scratch. To do any less would just be wasting time and money after all.

If you’ve worked in digital you’ll know that all aspects of your brand’s digital footprint will influence all other aspects to some extent. Have a poorly designed website? Google will punish your Adwords performance with a low Quality Score. Not pushing out high-quality content? Expect to see your search rankings suffer. It all adds up.

Which leads us nicely to the reason for our change. More often than not, people want to see improvements in all aspects of their digital performance. So, to those clients who want to go even further, we can now improve your SEO alongside your PPC campaigns. The benefits all stack up.

What we’re actually offering

We’ve adopted a three-pronged approach to our SEO offering:

  1. SEO Audits
  2. SEO Strategy
  3. SEO Management

SEO Audits

You can read more about these on our dedicated SEO Audits page, but essentially this is our recommended starting point for anyone looking to improve their SEO.

How can you know what to change if you don’t know how you’re currently performing? We think it makes perfect sense. We won’t just tell you what’s wrong either, we’ll give you a priority list of fixes and improvements to get you on the right track.

Find out more here.

SEO Strategy

Once you’ve got a clear idea of where you currently are, now you need a precise plan for getting where you want to be.

SEO is a large, complex and confusing beast and going in without a plan is a recipe for disaster.

Find out more here.

SEO Management

Keeping on top of your SEO performance requires constant supervision and management. We know this is far too time-consuming for most people, which is why we’ll take those stresses off your hands.

Find out more here.

Why you should be bothered

If you’ve made it this far and aren’t really sure why you should bother with SEO, then we applaud you. We’ll also just very quickly explain why you should care.

Although SEO means many different things to many different people, at it’s very simplest it’s about ensuring all your website’s technical ducks are in a row to give you the best chance of ranking highly in Google searches.

Get it right and it means more traffic to your site, more leads, more revenue. It means outranking your competitors and winning potential customers from them. It means becoming the first name people see when they search for relevant terms online.

If they all sound like good things, then come and have a chat. We’d love to see how we can help improve your SEO performance.