Less is More with Christmas Copy

We are in the full throes of the festive season with less than 3 weeks til Christmas (already!). At this time of year many of you may be snowed under with briefs of Christmassy copy, however, there can be such thing as overegging the figgy pudding!

Leave the Clichés

If you want your brand to stand out from your competitors it is time to step away from the tired clichés and inject some real imagination. Nobody wants to read yet another eye-roll worthy phrase such as, ‘Christmas has come early’, ‘Open our Christmas Cracker’, or ‘Tis the Season…’ because it has been done so many times before.

Instead shine brighter than the north star with engaging content. Your audience will appreciate an authentic approach at a time when products and services are being pushed at them from all angles, which will forge a deeper connection with what your brand stands for.

Understand Your Audience 

If you position your business in a way that understands the frustrations as well as the joys of the festive period, then it can be even more successful than just sprinkling your copy with glitter and hoping for the best.

Social listening is a fantastic way to gain a real insight into what your target audience is thinking or doing during the holidays and this gives a great opportunity to craft your content around this. If your business speaks the same language as your potential customers/clients it will appeal to them all the more. Another proven technique is by conducting a thorough competitor analysis of the marketing of similar businesses.

Although, you shouldn't feel like you need to deviate away from your brand’s tone of voice, as this can risk alienating your current customers. Stay on-brand and you will be just as memorable with strong copy.

Explore Alternative Angles 

Content that gives your target audience real value is likely to have a much better reception as it won’t feel like a hard sell and they will appreciate your brand for it. This also has the potential to lead to recommendations through word of mouth and social media sharing.

There are many ways to incorporate the yuletide spirit into your marketing, it's not just about gift-giving, Christmas trees and Santa Claus, there are also feelings of sentimentality, happiness, good-will, and hope which can be used to find a unique angle.

However it's important to remember that everything that you’re communicating should be relevant and add value to your business.

Quirky Examples 


The relationship app launched an email marketing campaign that was built on giving thanks for Thanksgiving. It also harnesses into people’s desires to have a partner over the Christmas period. Research shows that ads with a sentimental tone receive up to 50% more emotional appeal by audiences, just look at the popularity of the John Lewis adverts!


The whisky brand put a spin on the well-known song 'Jingle Bells' in this ingenious advert, humorously showing that the festivities can't be enjoyed without their product.

Let us do the Leg-work... 

We understand that it's not easy, quality copywriting takes so much more than using impressive words and being punny. The real success of copy lies in having a solid understanding of your customers and their needs with a good grounding in research, which is where we can step in.

To find out more about our copywriting services just give us a call!