Scott's Six Months at Aquamarine Media

I have been at Aquamarine Media for 6 months on the 15th of November, and time has flown by! I’ve made the 88-mile trip to the Quay and back from Plymouth for roughly 132 working days, totalling a massive 11,616 miles. Google says that’s the equivalent of travelling to Thailand and back. Thankfully I’ve enjoyed every day and I have learnt a lot.

Where I Started

To give you some information about me, I moved to Plymouth from Staines, Middlesex in 2013 to attend Plymouth University. I studied game design for 3 years alongside exploring some of my entrepreneurial ambitions. I worked on video games that have been published online and I helped organise game-related events in Plymouth such as game jams.

Meanwhile, I became fascinated with the digital marketing side of things, being influenced by people such as Gary Vaynerchuk and my good friend Francesco D’alessio, and soon found an exciting opportunity at Aquamarine.

What I've Learnt 

My role has allowed me to train as a specialist in PPC and I have since become a Senior PPC Executive, working alongside Sam, our PPC Executive. I have developed my skill set not just by being sat at my computer day-in and day-out but also via all of the extra exciting opportunities such as interacting with clients, visiting trade shows and best of all, being trained in London by Google themselves.

When I started at Aquamarine I was active employee number 3 (excluding our sorely-missed intern Linnea), but now there are 5 of us and it’s fantastic to be part of a rapidly growing business. I love working as part of a small team as, although there is greater responsibility, equally you know that your ideas are taken on-board and you aren’t just a cog in the machine.

For example, I have been allowed to utilise my background in software development to experiment with automation in order to help us work smarter and produce greater results for our clients.

Perks of the Job 

One of my favourite parts of working here is the amount of time that I get to spend outside of the office at networking events. Breakfasts, lunches and launch parties, networking is something that I have always been intimidated by (and still am), but slowly I have noticed my self-confidence building at these types of events.

This was really put to the test when we exhibited at the South West Business Expo in Bristol and promote the company at our booth. It was a blast.

Whilst Exeter is still yet to charm me more than Plymouth, the Generator, however, is by far the best co-working space I’ve worked in. The office has great a great culture, everyone is friendly, and the facilities are fantastic.

We’ve moved around in here a bit since I started in May as the team has grown and now we have our own personal space. I even have my own plant called Geoffrey who miraculously hasn’t died yet…

Looking Forward

Overall, Aquamarine Media has offered everything I require at this stage of my career and as things are moving so quickly I feel myself rapidly developing too. I feel lucky to have landed a hands-on role in a company that has a diverse range of clients. There is always lots to do and no day is ever the same!

Going forward, I have my sight set on learning everything there is to know surrounding Google Shopping, Display Network, Analytics, and most importantly the role of AI (artificial intelligence) in Digital Marketing.

I want us to be at the forefront of everything exciting and new in PPC so that we can offer the best service.

Here’s to another 6 months!