From Programmer to Pay Per Click Pro: Part 2

Hey everyone,

Scott again and I’ve just finished my second week at Aquamarine Media as a PPC Executive. Over the last few days, I’ve had the opportunity to sink my teeth into some more of AdWords complexities.

Still being relatively new, a lot of my time has been spent building a better understanding about the clients that we work with. Most of the companies are in vastly different industries and having an understanding about what search terms they should, or shouldn’t, be targeting is a skill I’ll constantly be developing over the coming months.

On Tuesday, we watched the Google AdWords announcement livestream, from that I gained a better understanding of where Google is going with the platform. The key message I took from the talk is that mobile is playing a more important role within PPC with each passing day. So, for my second exam, I will be focusing on the mobile module. It’s also important that I pass my Google certification as soon as possible - on Thursday I completed the AdWords Fundamentals exam so now I just need to pass one more to be fully qualified.

This week was mostly all about optimising AdWords accounts, and ensuring that bids are as effective as possible. I picked this up fairly quickly and now have a good understanding about creating cost effective campaigns. As I complete my mobile training, I will be interested to find out how we optimise accounts further by looking at the most commonly used devices. I discovered that AdWords has an API that can be used for automation as well as a whole range of other useful functionality. Coming from a software development background this excites me greatly!

A highlight of the week was going to the Exeter Chamber of Commerce lunch at the Mercure Southgate Hotel. This was an excellent opportunity to network with businesses across Exeter. Somewhat unusual, but certainly interesting was the addition of a panel of local MP candidates after lunch. It was a good chance to get to know the area’s representative’s views, ready for the upcoming election.

Exeter also finally provided the goods in terms of weather. For most of the week it was hot, but luckily being situated on the Quay there’s always lots of opportunities for ice-cream. By Friday, Plymouth did its best to be Plymouth by summoning the worst thunderstorm I’ve ever seen. So much for a bank holiday heatwave!

Once again, I can see that my skills are developing quickly, and I’m looking forward to mastering even more.