Linnea’s Third Week

Hi, Linnea here, back with another update on my third week at Aquamarine Media.

Last week I took over all the social media platforms while Sophie was on vacation. It was really fun and I feel like it’s getting easier every day. I started each morning doing news-search and creating posts on Aquamarine’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. So, if you see a misspelled post from Aquamarine, it’s probably mine! 😊

Not as many events or meetings last week but, still, a lot happened. Firstly, we had reporting to do - we sent out reports to all our clients with information about how the month has gone for them and what progress has been made. It was very time consuming and took me almost three whole days to finish but Alona and I worked effectively to get them all done before the weekend. Overall it was a good week with a lot of work and new tasks for me to complete. It was a great mix between PPC and social media which I really like - it’s always nice with some variation!

I think what I like most about doing my internship here at Aquamarine is that there are always exciting new events to attend or meetings to get involved with. This week I hope for even more exciting tasks and plenty of new things to learn. I’m also taking the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam so I can become AdWords certified.

This week is already shaping up to be busy, we have a few meetings planned and we are also going to a local networking event called the Exe Factor. The event is taking place in Mercedes Benz South West and our client, Saltare, will also be speaking about their plans for business intelligence in Exeter. I’m really looking forward to it and think it will be awesome!