Linnea's First Week

Hi, my name is Linnea,

I’m Aquamarine Media’s new intern, I thought it would be nice to share with you how my first week has gone and, wow, what a week it’s been!

So, a little bit about me. I’m studying International Sales and Marketing back home in Sweden, in Gothenburg to be exact. I’m in my first year at university out of two years’ total, and thought it would be a great experience to do my internship abroad.

I arrived in Exeter last week for my 2.5-month long internship at Aquamarine Media. First of all, what a location! The quay is so beautiful and such a great place for an office, just being outside the building gave me a good feeling. Besides from the nice location, Alona and Sophie gave me a warm welcome and were both so nice to me. They showed me around the building and told me more about what they do at Aquamarine.

My first week was all about learning PPC which wasn’t easy, especially considering that English isn’t my first language. I had to translate everything in my head to Swedish and then of course also try to understand it all and write everything down. Alona was a great teacher and didn’t get tired of me, even though she had to repeat herself a lot! We went through everything, from how to read Google AdWords accounts, building ad campaigns, finding keywords, uploading negative keywords and lots more. I have learnt so much even though it only has been a week and I really look forward to developing my skills moving forward.

Next up is learning how to manage social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, along with some blogging with Sophie. Throughout these following weeks, I hope to gain more knowledge on some of the basics of digital marketing, and to learn the difference between using social media platforms for company accounts, compared to personal ones.

I’m confident that everything I learn on my internship will be put to good use in my studies. We have a digital media course back in Sweden after the summer, so I will have a great advantage. I already feel like I have a much better understanding of what digital marketing is about. You don’t really know the amount of work that is behind everything until you see it for yourself!